Avinash Prabhakaran

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Hi, I'm Avinash

I am a freelance Web Developer, Data Scientist and Photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. I have a professional background in Software Engineering, and a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from MG University, India. I am currently pursuing Master of Data Science at The University of British Columbia

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This is what I do

Data Analysis

I enjoy playing around with data and applying various Machine learning algorithms to various datasets provided in Kaggle.

Web Development

I am a full stack developer with experience of more than a year. The technologies I use are HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and php.


I have been fascinated by robotics and their applications since my college days. My main area of interest is aerial robotics.


I have been a very passionate mobile photographer for over 3 years. I enjoy travel, wildlife and nature photography.

A quick summary of my qualifications, experience and interests.

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